About Me

Support ~ Knowledge ~ Encouragement ~ Education

My name is Chelsey Simons (previously Archambault) and I am a DONA trained doula serving the Metro Baton Rouge area (previously I served the Greater New Orleans area).  I have been a doula for over 2 years and I am currently undergoing extensive training to be certified as a Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Instructor.  Look for classes to start in June 2015. I am so excited about this new way I will be able to serve women in my community!

I am also a Professional Bra Fitter.  I work specifically with a brand from Australia that is carried in Dillard's. It is a wonderful line of practical, solution based lingerie by Fine Lines Australia. This "day job" really goes hand in hand with my work as a postpartum doula helping new mamas adjust to their new lives and bodies.  Boy, I love my work!! 

I knew I wanted to become a doula shortly after the birth of my first child. I went into trying to conceive assuming I’d go the typical epidural route when the time came however my journey to motherhood took longer than expected and out of necessity I became a research junky.   Upon finally conceiving, my desire to learn all I could about pregnancy, labor and birth brought me to the realization that a natural labor and birth process would give me the birth experience I yearned for.  My sister suggested hiring a doula, I had no idea what a doula was until I googled it.  I agreed that was the right choice for me and hired my doula, Heidi Duncan, when I was 7 months along.  That was the single best decision I made in my birth plan.


After I settled in to being a new mother I began educating myself on becoming a doula, but life had a different plan and when my daughter was just 9 months old I became pregnant with my son.  I was able to have the same doula for his birth and became even more determined to follow this path that was clearly laid before me. However life again threw me a curveball and my family went through a difficult divorce when my youngest was just 1 year old.  The beautiful family you see pictured to the left here came about when my now wonderful husband and his amazing daughter joined my precious babies and I on May 10, 2014 to make a very happy and blended family of 5!  Through out all of these changes my goal to be a doula never faltered.

I’ve now attended the necessary workshops, completed the required reading plus more, heard and read hundreds of birth stories crossing the vast spectrum of possibilities in birth and educated myself on the use of essential oils during labor and birth. (I now have extensive knowledge of essentials oils and their many uses in our everyday lives. Feel free to ask me about Young Living Essential Oils.)  I’ve attended births in an observatory, assistant and primary doula role.  I have seen women dig deeper than they ever thought possible and give birth not only to the child they’ve nourished and grown with their amazing bodies but to themselves as mothers.  Every time a child is born, a mother is also and supporting a family through this moment inspires me to continue on this path.

I use the depth of knowledge provided by my DONA training, experience as a doula as well as my own personal experience, research and continuing education to give my clients a solid foundation of support emotionally, physically and informatively.

Love Birth Love Life